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Endeavour House is on Endeavour Street which, like other Tolaga Bay streets, is  named after one of Captain Cook's ships. Some others carry the names of crew.
Services are still held monthly in the historic Anglican Church opposite Endeavour House.
The villa, which is the most striking residence in the town, was built for the Town Clerk in the 1920s when Tolaga Bay was a much busier place as the export point for wool from a rich farming hinterland.
There are two double bedrooms each with a queen size bed
The lounge has a Pacific theme and provides for relaxation on three comfortable couches. It is a quiet restful room away from the other living spaces. Good TV reception is available on two of New Zealandís four main channels. The bunkroom sleeps up to four children. The floors in this room are polished heart rimu as they are throughout the house.
The large dining room, which flows through to a well-appointed kitchen, seats eight in comfort, but is intimate enough for a couple dining alone.
A modern tiled bathroom with built in cabinetry has been installed to match the general high standard of the restored villa.

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